Send us YOUR Brooklyn Utopias and Park Spaces/Play Spaces, and virtual skywriting!

26 Mar

We are pleased to introduce a few new ways to get involved with Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space:


Send YOUR Brooklyn Utopia or YOUR favorite park space/play space
Through our new partnership with Media Converged, we are now inviting the public to engage with the exhibit, by asking for submissions – “What is your Brooklyn Utopia?” or “What is your favorite Park Space or Play Space?” Entries consist of: photographs, video clips and poetry.  Entries will be accepted via our facebook page Brooklyn Utopias, our pinterest page and featured on here. You may also email submissions to lara@mediaconverged.comfor inclusion on the blog. We also welcome people to follow our exhibit on twitter with hashtag #brooklynutopias, and pinterest.

Submit a virtual skywriting drawing or message
As part of our Kickstarter campaign artist Will Pappenheimer will take the first 20 drawings for a $5 pledge or more that will be the first to be drawn in the virtual sky above the Old Stone House and Washington Park area! They will be part of the launch of his Brooklyn Utopias, Park Space, Play Space augmented reality park project for smartphones/ipads, Sky Mills:

After you pledge: Instructions are easy: Use a sheet of paper scanned or photographed or a drawing program (like Photoshop) or make a simple line drawing or word sequence in a square area. Send it as a JPEG to the artist Will Pappenheimer at with subject heading “Brooklyn Utopias Sky Drawing” and he will convert it into virtual airplane trails for the sky by the opening on April 5. See below for a sample image of what the virtual skywriting will look like! If you pledge $10 or more and select this gift, you will also automatically receive free admission to our Patrons’ Reception at 6:30 on April 5.

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