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Exhibition Photos by Rick Schwab

13 May

All photos by Rick Schwab unless otherwise indicated

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13 May

I am pleased to report our April 28 events were a big success! Three artists/arts groups presented innovative community events around the themes of public space, public parks, and play. Artist/activist Triada Samaras led a brainstorming/mural-making session around the future use of the “Public Place” brownfield in Gowanus. Circle Rules Federation re-defined the idea of a tournament by leading a new type of football game out in the park, complete with costumes and a horn-player. Kat Schneck dared the public to stop for a few minutes and “daydream” by lying on a towel and watching the sky. All events were well-attended and fun, not to mention thought-provoking!

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Here are a few highlights below from the “Public Voice, Public Dream” workshop:

Participants of all ages work on collages to envision a future for “Public Place.”

A young participant’s vision for “Public Place”

Triada Samaras reports that her “Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space” workshop has led to an ongoing effort to engage community members in critical discussion around the Public Place site (see below update from Triada):

“Due to the great success of our Free Public Place art/activist workshop last Saturday at the Old Stone House with the Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space exhibition, we are starting a new feature at our CORD blog.

We plan to exhibit one “Free Public Place” artwork per day from this workshop, complete with the explanation by the artist.  This art work will also be posted to our Free Public Place Facebook page, where the public can continue to weigh in with YOUR ideas and thoughts for Public Place after the EPA Superfund Clean-up. 

All ideas are welcome!  And please remember to read the lovely write up about our event at Pardon Me for Asking.  Katia writes,  “Perhaps they (these artists) could teach City Planning a thing or two?”

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