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Enter the next “Bicycle Utopia: Am I Invisible?” Photo Contest!

30 Sep

Our partner on the Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion exhibit, Bicycle Utopia, is holding its “Am I Invisible?” competition this fall, an open call for photography and photography-based art that captures the style and spirit of New York City cycling. You can see a display relating to their 2012 competition at our exhibition on view at the Old Stone House through January 12!

By visiting this website, you are eligible to receive 30% off the submission price. Visit our Bicycle Utopia page to find out how, and to get more info about the competition!

Photos from opening night!

26 Sep

The opening of Brooklyn Utopias: in TRANSITion on Tuesday, September 17 was a big success! See photos below from the exhibition inside the gallery, the public art outdoors, and Marie Christine Katz’s “Let’s Take a Walk” performance!

OPENING PERFORMANCE: “LET’S TAKE A WALK” WITH MARIE CHRISTINE KATZ. View more images and a complete description at

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Photos from Petra Valentova’s art workshop on 9/4!

10 Sep

“What would we like to see on Brooklyn’s 4th Avenue instead of so much traffic?”

That was the question posed by artist Petra Valentova at a workshop she held in Washington Park outside the Old Stone House on Wednesday, September 4, in preparation for her installation at Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion. The workshop was open to local kids and community members of all ages who were in the park that day, and a range of children from 2.5-7 years old joined in. Check out their amazing drawings below:

Petra Valentova’s large wall mural at OSH, “Polystory/episode 4: Brooklyn 4&4,” will depict the corner of 4th street and 4th avenue which is an area slated for traffic calming measures to make it safer for pedestrians.  These drawings from the workshop are now being translated into magnetic Styrofoam objects to be used in the exhibit. Visitors will be able to arrange these objects to cover a spray-painted silhouette of a car on the wall, “forcing” the car to ‘disappear”, and “replacing” it with the objects that the people in the community would prefer to see on 4th Avenue. (see below image).

Petra Valentova, sketch for interactive wall mural at OSH
Petra Valentova, sample styrofoam objects to be created at workshop and as interactive component for installation
Petra Valentova, sample styrofoam objects to be created at workshop and as interactive component for installation
Come to our opening reception on September 17 to see the final result and to add your own ideas to the installation!