Enter the next “Bicycle Utopia: Am I Invisible?” Photo Contest!

30 Sep

Our partner on the Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion exhibit, Bicycle Utopia, is holding its “Am I Invisible?” competition this fall, an open call for photography and photography-based art that captures the style and spirit of New York City cycling. You can see a display relating to their 2012 competition at our exhibition on view at the Old Stone House through January 12!

By visiting this website, you are eligible to receive 30% off the submission price. Visit our Bicycle Utopia page to find out how, and to get more info about the competition!

Photos from opening night!

26 Sep

The opening of Brooklyn Utopias: in TRANSITion on Tuesday, September 17 was a big success! See photos below from the exhibition inside the gallery, the public art outdoors, and Marie Christine Katz’s “Let’s Take a Walk” performance!

OPENING PERFORMANCE: “LET’S TAKE A WALK” WITH MARIE CHRISTINE KATZ. View more images and a complete description at http://letstakeawalkmc.blogspot.com/

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Photos from Petra Valentova’s art workshop on 9/4!

10 Sep

“What would we like to see on Brooklyn’s 4th Avenue instead of so much traffic?”

That was the question posed by artist Petra Valentova at a workshop she held in Washington Park outside the Old Stone House on Wednesday, September 4, in preparation for her installation at Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion. The workshop was open to local kids and community members of all ages who were in the park that day, and a range of children from 2.5-7 years old joined in. Check out their amazing drawings below:

Petra Valentova’s large wall mural at OSH, “Polystory/episode 4: Brooklyn 4&4,” will depict the corner of 4th street and 4th avenue which is an area slated for traffic calming measures to make it safer for pedestrians.  These drawings from the workshop are now being translated into magnetic Styrofoam objects to be used in the exhibit. Visitors will be able to arrange these objects to cover a spray-painted silhouette of a car on the wall, “forcing” the car to ‘disappear”, and “replacing” it with the objects that the people in the community would prefer to see on 4th Avenue. (see below image).

Petra Valentova, sketch for interactive wall mural at OSH
Petra Valentova, sample styrofoam objects to be created at workshop and as interactive component for installation
Petra Valentova, sample styrofoam objects to be created at workshop and as interactive component for installation
Come to our opening reception on September 17 to see the final result and to add your own ideas to the installation!

Announcing the artists for “Brooklyn Utopias: In TRANSITion!” and Kickstarter launched!

22 Aug

We are pleased to announce an amazing lineup of artists and event participants for the 2013 Brooklyn Utopias exhibition at the Old Stone House & Washington Park, addressing critical transportation issues! View their names, a preview of some of the artwork, and complete info about the show on our Upcoming Exhibitions page!

Also, we really need your support this year to raise enough funds to cover production costs for all participating artists to create, frame, and/or transport their work…and to install it professionally. This is our most ambitious exhibition yet, so we are counting on you to join our team, plus there are some great rewards, including an invite to our VIP reception!


Thank you to everyone who supported us last year!

Call for entries: Brookyn Utopias: In TRANSITion!

16 May

NOTE: Calls for submissions for the September 2013 show are now closed. Please visit the Upcoming Exhibitions page for more information on the selected artists!

Our newest Brooklyn Utopias exhibition is being planned for September 2013, inviting artists to consider the future of urban transportation in Brooklyn and beyond.  We will have a main exhibition in Brooklyn’s Old Stone House & Washington Park gallery and grounds, and satellite public art exhibitions at nearby traffic medians on 4th Avenue in Park Slope/Gowanus, Brooklyn, in partnership with the Department of Transportation.

We are now welcoming submissions from artists and organizations, due Monday, July 15!

Visit the Calls for Entry page to find out how to get involved in this exciting new Brooklyn Utopias project.


What people are saying about “Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space” (2012 exhibition)

29 Oct

“After spending time in the tranquility of Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space [2012] in theOld Stone House…it was possible to imagine…that artists are an essential voice in imagining an exuberant, yet intelligently developed, future for the borough.”
– Allison Meier, Hyperallergic

“I really enjoyed the artist talks at opening night, giving the sense of a broader community of shared interests expressed through varied aestheric and conceptual visions. I have a better sense of some of the issues of interest to Brooklynites.”
– Jonathan Kuhn, Director of Arts & Antiquities, NYC Parks Department, and “Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space” selection panelist.

“I think the show was very well curated with other artists who are exploring a similar dialogue. Meeting the other artists and exploring their work, as well as being part of an exhibit in a space off the usual gallery map, which because of location is just as concerned with the theme of the show as the participants, were all equally rewarding. Participating impacted my artistic development because I chose to create a piece specifically for the show relating to the rebuilding of the park and the surroundings. I was forced to research the before and after and decide what could be, having myself engage in the space more intimately, than by just hanging an existing piece in a show.”
– Christine Gedeon, artist

“Having the show pushed my wok further and helped me to focus in on many aspects of what was an otherwise nebulous chain of ideas.”
– Jeff Hutchison of Husk, artist

“It was rewarding to meet other artists and see their ideas for and reactions to the spaces of Brooklyn.”
– Stephanie Beck, artist

“The most rewarding experience participating in the Brooklyn Utopias project was to meet fellow artists who are exploring
urban topics in general and Brooklyn specifically. Also, during an artist talk, I had a chance to meet visitors, discuss
my project in depth and have engaging conversations. I think the show was a great opportunity to introduce the local community to artistic projects that bring attention to various aspects of Brooklyn life that otherwise would be overlooked.”
– Marina Zamalin, artist

“The exhibit was distinguished by the great diversity of the works: media, mediums, performances, tours, activities, play, implied skepticism, implied optimism, direct activism, and indirect aesthetics. This multiplicity of approaches gave it a feeling of a wide porous scope.”
– Will Pappenheimer, artist

Brooklyn Utopias exhibits are based in spaces that are topically linked in a way that the space informs the work, and the work informs the space.  Brooklyn Utopias is a holistic experience and encompasses a larger critical experience than the exhibit itself – from panel discussions, to public event programming, to your partnership organizations, there are multiple points of access to contemplate the subject matter.  It’s also distinctly community focused.”
– Kim Maier, Executive Director, Old Stone House

“It was rewarding to connect with other panelists and have the opportunity to share Groundswell’s work with a broader audience.”
– Amy Sananman, Executive Director, Groundswell, and “Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space” event participant

“Katherine Gressel’s distinctive approach to curatorial inquiry employs deep, specific place-based exploration of the transformative power of art to describe (as well as imagine) the cultural layers that might catalyze positive change upon the underlying structure of the physical, built environment and/or the socio-psychic fabric of community relationships.”
– Derek Denckla, Project Coordinator, Slow Money Resource Hub, Co-Curator, Brooklyn Utopias: Farm City (2010) and panel discussion participant, Brooklyn Utopias? (2009)

“The most rewarding part of the Brooklyn Utopias experience for me was actually getting to play Circle Rules football in an organized fashion with lots of kids.  I’m so used to running league games with VERY serious athletes and yelling and hard, fast competition.  It was a blast to just watch kids go at it and have fun.   There were several kids that played that day that started showing up routinely to play on Sundays in Prospect park.”
– Scott Riehs, Circle Rules Federation member and “Brooklyn Utopias: Park Space, Play Space” event participant”

Photos from Tracy Candido’s “Pining for You: A Celebration of Queer Love”

29 Oct

Tracy Candido’s successful June 16 event brought friends and community members together to celebrate, plant a symbolic pine tree, and eat homemade almond cake in the spirit of Dutch wedding traditions,  in the Old Stone House’s garden. Read more about this event at our Past Events page!